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Three AM business meetings are not unusual….usually while breastfeeding!

We’ve designed and tested our activewear from the ground up to make it do exactly what mothers need it to do. 


Our approach to design was how can we make traditional maternity active wear better? Better support when exercising? Smarter access points for breast feeding? More desirable designs?

What makes XOthree’s collection stand out is how the designs transcend the traditional idea of maternity wear. With a focus on style and comfort first, XOthree’s clever approach makes the maternity features of each garment virtually invisible. The designs have reinvented the traditional function of maternity bras and provide easy access for breastfeeding while still giving you the perfect amount of support needed for low to high impact activities.

We took the time to get it right and hold quality at the core of all we do.

Fabrics were selected from luxurious Italian textiles made from cutting edge technology. With high levels of elasticity and an outstanding shape recovery power, these fabrics offer quick drying and breathable technologies and are long lasting. The innovative textiles offer muscular compression reducing vibration which supports muscles during the physical activity and decreases strain.

XOthree  offers a boutique range of maternity active wear that is perfect to go from the gym to coffee afterwards and any other everyday occasion.

We celebrate being a woman. We believe that beauty comes from within and strive to honour the beauty of the female form.


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